Meridian Investment Advisors

Life is full of choices—and changes. Having a sound investment strategy requires not only objectivity and consistency, but also the agility to respond to changing economic issues and how they affect your short- and long-term financial goals. Meridian Investment Advisors partners with clients to help them achieve their wealth’s potential.


We work closely with you to determine the appropriate strategy for realizing your wealth’s potential. From your investment strategy, portfolio management to wealth protection opportunities, we work to identify the best tools and opportunities to accomplish your unique goals. As your partner, we hold ourselves accountable for your success.


As your corporate partner, we simplify the complex when it comes to your financial assets, participant and trustee directed contribution plans and tax managed portfolios. Our programs are selected to match your needs. They combine intelligent investment management, technological superior record keeping, plan administration, and qualified participant education and communications.


We provide a comprehensive asset management program to the institutional investor marketplace. Our program delivers the benefits of expertise in understanding capital markets, asset allocations, portfolio structures, specialist investment manager selection and continuous portfolio management. We work to ensure that you can serve your communities for generations to come.